Look What I Found!!


  Give me back my disease… I want to suffer some no more... I lost a part of me… left longing wanting more... I want to go back… with the good times and the high... I’ll skip the stealing… I’ll skip the lies…promising never to suck you dry... Give me back my disease… I want to fill this hole inside... For when I let it go… the better man in me it died... It’s been to many years… this emptiness I can’t replace... I just long to feel the comfort... the numbing warm embrace... Give me back my disease… its inevitable… I cannot get away... Suffering with… suffering without… life just seems to be that way... The love is gone …I feel so consumed... it's the depression and the hate... Life is too short… the time is now... I might as well accept my fate... Give me back my disease... for tomorrow it might be to late

Writen By: Me


  This one, that one, their all the same. Bought and paid for now you’re the slave. Brainwashed ignorance is your lot. Your somehow satisfied being the “Have Not’s.” Take back your freedom... the freedoms you’ve lost. With blood and revolution redeem them at all cost. Don't waist your ink with a meaningless vote. The time is now. The time to revolt.

Writen By: Me


  The malevolent patriots wielding death are not akin to empathy, this unlike we the revolutionaries whom hemorrhage from the heart of our people’s suffering.... Our conformity is the cowardice that washes all to the greatest sorrow, and terror is the mist that drenches deeper then their driving reign.... The straps of corn fed religiosity forever binds the veneration of our diversity. All fanaticism is like in kind, one summoning the evils of the other.... The power of oppression is gifted only by those whom fear their death not knowing in their death lies the liberation making evident the honor of our children.... Tyranny is the unconscionable machine whose devices are the preservers of hatred, whose fuel is the fear of judgment, and all are called none being chosen....

Writen By: Me

  Why am I so cold…shaking shivering forever wanting more? The demons gnaw... the demons gnawing, their shredding through my soul. Muscles bound… Muscles binding, I feel the cracks in every bone. You force me to my knees thinking maybe I dropped some on the floor, I FUCKING HATE YOU!!….God I hate you, I’m so fucking sick, why’d you ever let me get this cold. I CAN’T SEE IT HURTS… I miss my mommy I just wanta get back home. It’s so damb cold…I’m LOSING MY FUCKING MIND!!! I just want to shit scream and run for more. This piercing grip won’t let me up. Oh please just let me go… just let me up, I swear I wont do it anymore. Wait…there’s a little…where’s my shit? Click Click Click…. Ahhh…. reassuring numbness, God I feel so warm......

Writen By:Anonymous

  The war without a face, I see an enemy unknown. Government issued corporate bought, Armani makes their uniform. Oppression fuels their rhetoric, an ideology feeds their poor. Unification spells the lie, forever working wanting more. Fear abandons common sense the actions of a drone. No accountability affords their lives. Let your burdens be your own.!!

Writen By: Me

  There was a time in my life when I was in love with a punk rock movement, a community, and a brotherhood of man. Through a lust for self-destruction our generation lost the vision, the endowment of social change. Our time like yours, was an in your face protest to oppression, exploitation, and what we saw as an absolute blind mind control propagated by a secret society, a New World Order. We ranted of the Imperialistic Zionists pursuit for global domination that rapes our global community today. I again see that great revelation and vision in you, and yet again I fear your lust for self-destruction. Eradicate all that is your enemy, in body mind and soul, embrace all that is your calling. The Dead Head, the Rasta, and the Working Class Skins, the Crusts, the Gangsta, and even that ignorant kid shopping at Hot Topic for the first time, all share the same enemy, all fight the same fight. In our revolution we are free!! In our hatred we are bound!!